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Dip a toe in and sample The Smile Syndicate’s music with this appetizing sampler box. There’s something here for every taste!



      Your Bikini Tells Me Otherwise
      I Won't Waffle
      The Sun Is A Jukebox
      Dinosaur God 2000
      So Far, No Good

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The Smile Syndicate Podcast is your source for the finest funtime music you’ll find on the Internet. Each 13-episode series of the podcast will feature good songs, good times, and down-home earthy wisdom.

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Latest episodes:

112. (Maniac) From (Beyond Time)

This song will pull you into a folk wormhole and spit you out in another dimension. Skewed geometries and orthogonal logics will pull your mind into seven dimensions as you realize you are now viewing the universe from the outside. Plus, it's got mandolins.

111. Monocle

This atmospheric ditty will make you realize the folly of binocular vision and embrace a single point of seeing. Allow its mysterious charms to encircle you like the tentacles of Cthulhu. Then, when you're done that, go do something productive. Build a fence or...

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songs from Series 1 of The Smile Syndicate Podcast

remastered in June, 2016


      Your Bikini Tells Me Otherwise
      So Far, No Good
      Theme From The Smile Syndicate
      Lay With Me 'Neath The Spruce
      Electric Wiggle
      The Sun Is A Jukebox (instrumental)
      Rhythm 21
      Dinosaur God 2000
      Rumpus Room
      Rhythm 23
      I Won't Waffle
      (Maniac) From (Beyond Time)


The Smile Syndicate’s 2013 album Lovestorm is now available for streaming and download. It will entice.

From the crushing metal of “Dinosaur God” and future shock dystopia of “Infinity Machine” to the funky crime grooves of “The Burgled” and whirlwind frenzy of the title track, Lovestorm has something to please the most discerning listener.

      Shout If You Want To Get Louder
      The Burgled
      The Sun Is A Jukebox
      Wheel Of Summer
      Dinosaur God
      World War IX
      Infinity Machine
      Time Of The Great Apes
      Shall We Rock?
      Oh, Bermuda!
      Everybody Smile Now

March Update

Exciting times at Smile Syndicate HQ. New songs are finally being put down on magnetic tape. And, not to oversell it or anything, but coming soon is something that will revolutionize video entertainment. You won't believe a single one of your senses. Stay tuned!

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Christmas Time Update Time

As we fly towards Christmas like an out of control roller coaster that's on fire even, it seems like a good time to give you a quick update and assure that all too soon, the drought will be over and new songs will rain down on your nude body like a blessing from a...

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Jason of The Smile Syndicate
Jason of The Smile Syndicate
Jason of The Smile Syndicate
Jason of The Smile Syndicate

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