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Jason and Miss Elizabeth present music and comedy in a variety show format. They tell stories about characters and events in their fictional town of Smileton, “the podcasting capital of the world,” and present regular segments including the Accuscope Horoscope. It’s a fun, uplifting hour of entertainment.

Summer Commotion: JAMAICA!

Playing live music from the sandy beaches of Jamaica!

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Recent Podcast Episodes

SUMMER COMMOTION 2019 – New Planetoid

The Smile Syndiate Music Hour is on a ROLL. Summer Commotion is in full swing and this episode finds Miss Elizabeth and Jason cooped up in a jumbo jet, but still ready, willing and able to deliver the podcasting goods. Miss Elizabeth delivers the latest Death Metal...


The good time summertime freight train keeps on rolling SUMMER COMMOTION 2019, that special month-long celebration of Funtime Music and Entertainment, lands in its next summertime destination: HAWAII! Join Miss Elizabeth and Jason as they broadcast from a sandy beach...

SUMMER COMMOTION 2019 – So Far, No Good 2000

Can you feel it? Have you got the fever? The diagnosis: SUMMER COMMOTION 2019 – that celebration of Smile Syndicate-brand Funtime Music and Entertainment. Join Miss Elizabeth and Jason as they podcast from an AIRPLANE, high above one of Earth's oceans. They've blown...