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A new song each week, presented with fun commentary and dubious stories.

Let’s Sing Jingle Bells

Become a Smile Squad member to support the development of this podcast. This week's episode features "Let's Sing Jingle Bells" - a Winter Solstice song for those who live on Planet Earth's frozen northern climes. It's about celebrating in spite of the oppressive...

We’re Better Together

A folky number, sung by a hippie who lets his enthusiasms get the best of him. Whether or not you'd want to attend this guy's parties, this song will still offer relief to all those tired of "the fuss and the fighting." FUN FACT! That stringed instrument you hear...

The Burgled

A funky little number of the Lovestorm album. This song has got it all: intense crime drama, funky bass line and a crazed wah wah guitar solo from beyond times. You'll be rockin' and groovin' and finding yourself wanting to set up a Neighbourhood Watch program in your...


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