Recent Podcast Episodes

A new song each week, presented with fun commentary and dubious stories.

She Said Hi When I Said Bye

Here's a nice acoustic one. It's a refreshing spiritual tonic that will help keep you sane the next time those crazy fat cat politicians in your capitol city or region do something crazy. The acoustic guitars will soothe your jangled nerves and the simple melody will...

I’m Going Back To High School

Our hero gets up on his power pop soapbox and announces to the world his plan for self-improvement. Exciting, sure, but at the end of the day, it will be up to you to decide: is this a bouncy how-to, can-do song, or ironic cautionary tale? Or neither? It might just be...

Your Bikini Tells Me Otherwise

The song that kicked off the Smile Syndicate podcast back in 2015 returns, in a cleaned up, scrubbed and remixed form. It's upbeat acousti-dance rhythms are catchier than ever and you will be hooked into dancing like a spaced-out hippie at Woodstock before you know...


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