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A new song each week, presented with fun commentary and dubious stories.

Zip It

This song has had enough. It gets to rockin' then marches right up to a blathermouth and gives him what for. Too many words, too much nonsense. It's time to ZIP IT. Download the mp3. Lyrics: All day with the jibberjab Spin a web of bafflegab Spout a lot of poppycock...

The Burgled 2000

Enter a kaleidoscope and become dizzy with emotion. You've just been ripped off and you're not experiencing the whole gamut of human experience. Confusion, rage, self-pity, acceptance, confusion again. You'll listen to this song and come out a wiser person. Download...

… And The Gods Made Disco

Birthed on Mount Olympus and brought to earth on thunderbolt chariots, a spirit of wonder infuses this paean to Mother Disco. Sing along as an acoustic guitar seemingly played by Orpheus himself caresses your ear. A modern hymn, from millennia past. Download the mp3....


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