Let's Sing Jingle Bells

‘Tis the season! Here is a song to get you through the dark winter months. This is a winter song that acknowledges Northern winters can be brutal. Download and get HAPPY!

New Year's Skeeve

Feeling socially awkward? Pressured to hold hands with an acquaintance while singing Auld Lang Syne? We feel you. Listen to this song and see HOW MUCH we feel you. Happy New Year!

Recent Podcast Episodes

A new song each week, presented with fun commentary and dubious stories.

Hospital Follies No. 2

Jason is out of the hospital and shares his experiences in this pocket-sized episode. Amazing medical technologies, visits with friends, and an unavoidable guitar war highlight his 18-day stay in the Hotel Medicine. Miss Elizabeth and Jason outline the exciting times...

Hospital Follies No. 1

This is a Very Special episode of The Smile Syndicate. Jason is in the hospital for some repairs and discusses the situation and plans for the next few weeks of the podcast with Miss Elizabeth. This pocket-sized episode also features a Death Metal Non-Update and Jason...

The Streakening

This week's episode comes at you from every direction. The NUDES song cycle continues with its third song: an intimate, low-key look at streaking called THE STREAKENING. The Smile Syndicate Jukebox pumps out another favourite and we listen to ZIP IT. Also, Jason and...


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