The Smile Syndicate Music Hour is a weekly podcast based in a fictional town called Smileton, “The Podcasting Capital of the World.” In Smileton, there are more podcast shows than citizens, and Miss Elizabeth isn’t helping, with 91 shows on her roster.

Jason and Miss Elizabeth relate the Smileton News, read a Community Message Board, provide the Accuscope Horoscope, and tell other stories based in the Smileton universe. Some other podcasters are featured on the show (which provides an opportunity to guest, for anyone here who is curious – so long as you don’t mind playing along inside the Smileton arena), and there is a cast of returning characters.

At certain times of the year, we plan a series of shows to celebrate the moment. For example, we have a fun narrative coming up for the winter season, starting in December.

The Smile Syndicate is firmly upbeat, as we tell our listeners that we are on the “joyful treadmill”, and that “The Sun Is A Jukebox.” Symbolically, we mean that we know life is difficult, and can be brutally hard on people at times. Our show acknowledges this reality, and aims to provide an hour of upbeat comedy entertainment to help bring a smile to your week. We play an original song at the beginning, middle, and end of the show, as we believe music can also provide respite from the daily grind.

Thank you for the opportunity to summarize my show this way. It feels really good to get it out there! You made me smile! Please accept honorary Smileton Citizenship, and stop by ANY TIME!

Smileton: If you lived here, you’d be home already!



"It’s quintessential Canadian humour in the tradition of Second City Television (SCTV)." -- Eric Boyd, Texas

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