Radio BOOM

The fine folks at Montcoradio were kind enough to include “Shout If You Want To Get Louder” in the playlist for their Amazing Obscura show. Rumors of the web traffic hitting their server being so severe that it started a fire in the server room are...

The All-Seeing Eye NEW PODCAST EPISODE! 111. Monocle

The Smile Syndicate Podcast returns triumphantly with the release of its latest episode. Featuring the song, “Monocle”, it’s an episode that will change everything you thought you knew about everything. To see, to truly see, one must see one’s...

Delays, delays

The next new episode of The Smile Syndicate Podcast has been delayed. A humorous explanation will be provided in the next new episode. Until then, keep watching the skies.

A Prequel and sequel both. NEW PODCAST EPISODE! 109. Rhythm 23

The latest episode of the podcast is out today! “Rhythm 23” is another instrumental and before you yell “I HATE THOSE!”, hear it out. Its snaky insistence will wrap you up in a protective rhythmic cocoon. And when you finally break free, you...

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