New listeners may be surprised to learn that the Bermuda Triangle is actually a mystical land, not an empty patch of
ocean. Before I started research for the song, I was unaware that people like Marilyn Monroe and Shakespeare had
vanished into an uncanny portal and are to this day living their lives in this strange place. Even more surprising to
me was the bizarre connection I found between the Bermuda Triangle and the noble beast known as Sasquatch. I may
explore this in a future song.

The song had the placeholder title “The Bermuda Triangle” until Elizabeth suggested the words “Oh, Bermuda!” should
be sung at the end of the chorus. This was done (with Liz doing the robo-voice) and the song soon got a new title.
“Oh, Bermuda!”, as sung by the robo-voice, is intelligible, but what is said at the end of the song isn’t. What you’re
hearing is “Funky Bermuda. Love me, Bermuda. Gimme Bermuda. Go Bermuda, go!”

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