Specbloodular 2019 Pre-Game Show
October 28, 2019

What’s going on with this show?
Preshow to the Hallowfun Halloween Specbloodular Party 2019
Since this party will be bigger than the Super Bowl, we figured it needed a proper amount of hyping.
The party was originally scheduled for today, but for reasons I’ll discuss later, we were able to actually move it to Thursday, All Hallow’s Eve itself. So today’s show will be a shorter pre-game show and the main event is this Thursday.

So, doing a shorter show plus the mainshow gave us an idea – shows are jam packed with Funtime – we want to provide more

The show is growing – so starting next week there will be 2 episodes a week – the regular one on Mondays, and a new one, a bonus show, that we might call The Smile Syndicate After Dark – on Thursdays.

It’ll be shorter, more casual. It’ll be like a post-game wrapup for Monday’s episode, a pre-game show for the next one, a look in the laboratory, peek behind the curtain.
Maybe we’ll play a bit from an in-progress song.
Maybe Miss Elizabeth will tell us something about the 90 podcasts she’s on.
Maybe we’ll do some little Funtime segments like Mailbag.
Maybe the premiere of a new Smile Syndicate song.
Lots of ideas – we’re kicking back, shoes off, loosey goosey,

So, the same show you’ve known and loved on Monday’s – a new, shorter, grab bag bonus of fun on Thursdays.

And if that isn’t enough – starting next week, The Smile Syndicate After Dark will be live-streamed. Keep your eyes peeled. Subscribe to the newsletter, check social media – details are forthcoming.

So, an exciting announcement, but we’ve got some business to attend to today.

It’s going to be an annual tradition here in Smileton. People are worked up, excited. We wanted to do this right. So we booked a venue – the old abandoned Cannery.

It’s been vacated since the 60s, but it’s kind of an informal multi-use facility for the town:
Criminal gangs store their stuff there. Conduct their shady business
Kids shoot parkour videos, and looking at me doing dangerous stuff videos. That place is a death-trap. Kids get hurt there all the time.
Raves, parties and “skeech riots” happen there. “Skeech riot” must be a local thing.
It’s called the Haunted Cannery by locals because everyone believes there are ghosts.
A bunch of stories have developed, but they’re all about governesses and young women going mad when these arrogant, haughty young lords reject them because their blood isn’t blue enough. So it’s a bunch of 19th century stuff concerning a place that was built in the 40s.
I don’t believe it’s haunted, but I did bring some extreme yoga energy crystals supplied by Angel. Angel told me “it really f’s with a ghost’s brain. They won’t come anywhere near you if you have a crystal.”

So great, perfect location. But I didn’t count on Mayor Patty Pepper sticking her nose in.

More and more she’s wanting to control the things people in this town get up to. She doesn’t want a new tradition starting for the town that she doesn’t have her mitts all over. We tried to do things right and get a permit from the town to host this party. Mayor Patty Pepper intervened and instructed the town to issue no party permits for Monday. She then took off for a 2-week trip to France, at the town’s expense. She says it’s a exploratory trade mission to promote the brand of Smileton in Europe.

She’s posted guards outside – from a security firm her family owns. They’re blockheads. We have some plans to get around that. The invites have gone out – there may or may not be a secret underground tunnel. The Hallowfun Halloween Specbloodular Party 2019 is a go.

Miss Elizabeth, could you please give us a rundown of the latest updates to the teams’ rosters for the big game on Thursday?

Sure, let’s take a look at the lineup for Thursday’s big show. This show has been plagued by injuries so far this season. An important show like Thursday’s is really going to require the roster to dig deep. This is going to be as much a test of their character as their athletic abilities, Jason.

Team physicians say that Angel the Yoga Instructor should be able to attend the party. Earlier reports suggested that his knees were aching extra bad this week after he hyperextended both of them earlier this year. This is good news. The party will be that much better cheering us on.
Mr. Cherries, the Algebra-Solving Horse, is fighting a cold, but is still scheduled to be in attendance.
Filmmaker student Nathan is a scratch for the Specbloodular. His dad is retiring and he’s needed to shoot some footage of the party. Nathan told reporters earlier today that he’s bummed about this.
My Supernatural Mystery Solving Team will all be in attendance. We had heard talk that Duncan, the ne’er-do-well brother-in-law of Connie, with his recent problem with immigration officials might not be able to attend. He assured his fans on Twitter that the disguise he’s planning to wear will fool even the most eagle-eyed official.
The weather forecast has it being below freezing with a chance of snow for the big day. This will probably make for slippery conditions on the field, but since the Cannery’s roof is still largely intact, the effect on the players should be minimal.

Thanks, Miss Elizabeth. Not only are we going to have a bunch of Smileton’s finest in the audience, the show is going to feature some favorite Funtime segments, and a brand new, Hallowfun Halloween-themed song! Hot off the presses!

Miss Elizabeth: I’ve been in discussion with Jorg about some contributions from him. I’m still negotiating, but I think we’ll come to an agreement before Thursday. This is really shaping up to be a terrific show.

Can we have one special where Jorg doesn’t interfere?

I need to improve my mood before we wrap up today and I know just how to do it – let’s focus on the positive things in our future. We’ll see you this Thursday, Dear Listener Friend, for the Hallowfun Halloween Specbloodular 2019 Party! We have a party on Thursday, so we need a party song to help get us there. So let’s play “Get Thee To A Disco”. HIT IT, KIDS!