As we fly towards Christmas like an out of control roller coaster that’s on fire even, it seems like a good time to give you a quick update and assure that all too soon, the drought will be over and new songs will rain down on your nude body like a blessing from a benevolent god from beyond the stars.  Series 2 of The Smile Syndicate Podcast will not only top everything produced by The Smile Syndicate so far, it will make you throw away your anemic music collection and embrace a New Music, a Music beamed back to the 21st Century from a wiser, future time. Idle boasting? No – a solemn promise. Your life will improve in 2017 and exposure to Smile Syndicate music will be the reason.

Benefits Of Exposure To The Smile Syndicate’s NEW MUSIC

In what ways can you expect your life to change? How about:

saxophonepigPhysical Fitness – using our songs during your run, walk, swim, or squat thrust will keep you energized and focused. The life affirming messages you’ll hear will feed your soul and push you to achieve those goals that your family, friends and clergy assured you were impossible.

Child Rearing – If you have children, play them a Smile Syndicate song and see them transform before your eyes. Your once little disobedient brute becomes a fine young gentleman or lady and you nod knowingly and exclaim, “Smile Syndicate, you’ve done it again!”

Career Advancement – Play a Smile Syndicate song out loud on your phone and charge into your boss’s office. Lay it on the line. Either he coughs up the green, or you’re walking and your taking the rest of this damned office with you! The music will re-route his synapses and compel him to cave in to your crazy demands. You’ll walk out of the office, smooch your phone and whisper, “Where would I be without you, Smile Syndicate songs?”

What Else Does This Original Music Offer?

We’re not even scratching the surface. That’s a lot of value being offered!  We promise that if you stay connected, you’ll be the first to find out what other great benefits Original Awesome Smile Syndicate Music Songs have to offer.

What can you do to give back? Apart from checking this site daily, you should:

  • follow us on Twitter and receive hilarious sentence messages and assorted opinions and maxims
  • Like us on Facebook and become part of The Smile Syndicate’s Dark Web. Be in the Inner Circle and participate in  personal, intimate discussions in front of a roaring fire, with a snifter of brandy and brand new silk PJs.

2017 will be the year you’ve been waiting for. New Smile Syndicate music, New Life. I can’t wait.