April Insanity reaches its frenzied conclusion in this thrilling episode of THE SMILE SYNDICATE MUSIC HOUR.

The final cover song makes its debut – a rollicking cover of Beastie Boys’ SABOTAGE! And plenty more music on top of that!

The aftermath of the tale recounted on Monday’s episode is detailed as Jason brings us up to date with what’s happened since the giant rubber band ball was returned to Smileton.

Miss Elizabeth has something to say about what should have been the exciting, wondrous April Insanity April Sweepstakes Jackpot Giveaway.

And, for the first time in months, TOO TRUE TRUE CRIME will tell us all the story of Cricket Creek, Washington and what happened when a kids’ detective agency crossed path with an ne’er-do-well of foul disposition!

April Insanity is over, but the fun shall and must and will continue!

THE SMILE SYNDICATE MUSIC HOUR – You Won’t Believe A Single One Of Your Senses


Show Timestamps:

(Click on the times or scrub forward to listen to specific segments)

1:20 The Smile Syndicate Music Chart

4:04 SONG – In The Year 2525

7:52 Show Rundown

9:50 Operation: Let’s Go Get The Ball Back AFTERMATH

13:00 April Insanity April Sweepstakes Jackpot Giveaway

16:31 The Round Wheel of Mystery

17:43 SONG – Boogie Blizzard

21:42 Too True True Crime – Cricket Creek, Washington

47:41  Plugs and Shout Outs

50:15 SONG – Sabotage



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