The volcano of fun is about to erupt and send molten chunks of comedy and music raining down upon our heads! That can only mean it’s time for the latest edition of the SMILE SYNDICATE MUSIC HOUR!

Jason’s yoga instructor gives us his latest blast of Yoga 10x Times A Thousand wisdom in A YOGA MOMENT WITH ANGEL. You’ll turn your life around heeding the advice of this erratic guru of extreme yoga.

And in the latest SMILETON COMMUNITY MESSAGE BOARD, the citizens of Smileton have their confused, baffling, frequently troubling say as Jason and Miss Elizabeth present a small selection of their postings.

And the music will light your soul ablaze. Songs will come at you from every direction like a jolly swarm of welcome mosquitoes and in the Marquee Song Slot, we present the rocking Smile Syndicate hit DIRT BIKE!

See, what ya got here is a show that’s probablty worth an hour or so of your ear-time.

THE SMILE SYNDICATE MUSIC HOUR – You Won’t Believe A Single One Of Your Senses


Show Timestamps:

(Click on the times or scrub forward to listen to specific segments)

1:34 The Smile Syndicate Pneumatic Tube

2:22 SONG – Rumpus Room

6:08 Show Rundown

7:39 A Yoga Moment with Angel

14:41 Paid Advertisement – Lacey’s Ski-Doo Hot Tub Pick-A-Part

18:05 The Round Wheel of Mystery

18:57 SONG – Rhythm 25

22:28 Smileton Community Message Board

37:29 Plugs and Shout Outs

39:18 SONG – Dirt Bike


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