Excitement explodes overhead and underfoot as the latest episode of THE SMILE SYNDICATE MUSIC HOUR takes wing!

Join Jason and Miss Elizabeth for the most fun hour-or-so of comedy caperings and Funtime music that has yet been heard. 

Miss Elizabeth gives us a new edition of TALES FROM THE TEA HOUSE in which she details the latest trials and tribulations faced by a plucky tea house in the ruthless Smileton Mall!

The latest SMILETON NEWS will give you all the latest headlines to keep you up to date with all the crazed, manic, ill-advised activity going on in our fair town.

And the music? Oh, my gracious – the melodies and hooks fly at you like lines from a demented fisherman. You’re gonna bite on at least one of these songs – guaranteed!

We tried to cram a little more fun into today’s episode but we couldn’t – it was already full. Of FUN!

THE SMILE SYNDICATE MUSIC HOUR – You Won’t Believe A Single One Of Your Senses


Show Timestamps:

2:20 The Smile Syndicate Pneumatic Tube

3:36 SONG – Too Legit To Quit

7:00 Show Rundown

8:43 Tales From The Tea House

22:39 The Round Wheel of Mystery

24:53 SONG – Rhythm 21

27:50 Smileton News

42:49 Plugs and Shout Outs

45:23 SONG – I Won’t Waffle

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