This funky little number will get your booty shakin’ in no time. It’ll get you deep into the funk zone before taking your spirit across the universe then guiding you safely back to the dance floor where you can finish doing your boogie duty. Become a Smile Squad member to access song downloads.


Boogie Got A Groove Loose

Give it to me straight, doc
It’s boogie on the brain
Got my booty shakin’
Driving me insane

Sweatin’ with the sickness
Only one cure now
Dance away this fever
Woman, show me how

Boogie got a groove loose
Town’s gone funky and the flames are burnin’ higher
Party in the caboose
Love train chuggin’ and the boogie feeds the fire

Now we’re on the dance floor
Lovin’ on our feet
Gonna spread the magic
To a funky beat

Workin’ on the ladies
See the fever spread
Throbbing in the brain pan
Boogie in the head

Brothers and sisters, I’m telling you now, it’s a gift from the stars
The boogie shall echo ‘round every mountain, from here and afar
Can you see, people, its power will raise you and give second sight
Let it take hold of you and dance you into that glorious light

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