Birthed on Mount Olympus and brought to earth on thunderbolt chariots, a spirit of wonder infuses this paean to Mother Disco. Sing along as an acoustic guitar seemingly played by Orpheus himself caresses your ear. A modern hymn, from millennia past.

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Olympus high, our world below

Energy begins to flow

People see, this is our chance

The gods have ordered us to dance

…And the gods made disco

Funky Zeus,

Let me thank you

Your gift changes everything

We get down and dance and sing

Eternity hear this song

Forever won’t be too long

The cosmos is our dance floor

Receive it now, a warming surge

Sublimate the mating urge

The gods themselves are now entranced

Boogie maker gotta dance

Dionysus rules that booty

Ares does his disco duty

Platform shoes and Aphrodite

O, ye gods, thy funk is mighty

Apollo gonna get down

Funky Zeus, I gotta thank you

Athena gonna get down

Funky Zeus, I gotta thank you

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