Buckle up, friend, because the moon rocket to planet FUN is about to TAKE OFF. It’s time to launch the latest episode of THE SMILE SYNDICATE MUSIC HOUR!

Miss Elizabeth cracks open the history books and tells us a tale from Smileton’s storied past in THIS WEEK IN SMILETON HISTORY.

And the MAILBAG is opened, the moths are released, and the letters therein are answered by Jason to the best of his abilities. Listen and hear his blood pressure rise as he deals with the bizarre missives, crank letters and odd communications that bedevil this battered old mail sack.

And musicThree Smile Syndicate Songs? You heard right. Catchy, original Funtime music is just what the doctor ordered to cure you of your various, supposed ailments.

It’s time you and this podcast got serious and took it to the next level.

THE SMILE SYNDICATE MUSIC HOUR – You Won’t Believe A Single One Of Your Senses


Show Timestamps:

2:51 The Smile Syndicate Pneumatic Tube

3:52 SONG – Rasputin

9:02 Show Rundown

10:35 This Week In Smileton History

20:53 The Smile Syndicate Music Chart

22:18 SONG – Granny’s Gone a-Skinny Dippin’

25:56 Mailbag

39:42 Plugs and Shout Outs

42:12 SONG – Boogie Blizzard



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