This song has had enough. It gets to rockin’ then marches right up to a blathermouth and gives him what for. Too many words, too much nonsense. It’s time to ZIP IT.

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All day with the jibberjab
Spin a web of bafflegab
Spout a lot of poppycock
Drown us all in foolish talk

Zip it, zip it, your mouth’s out of control
Zip it, zip it, shut that hooey hole
Stifle the malarkey
Can’t take any more
Zip it

Rubbish, so what else is new?
Balderdash up the wazoo
Piffle, poffle, I’m insane
Codswollop and back again

Such a stream of pure hogwash
Fill my ears with bilge and bosh
Bushwa, bunkum, up the wall
Fooey to your falderal

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