Our hero gets up on his power pop soapbox and announces to the world his plan for self-improvement. Exciting, sure, but at the end of the day, it will be up to you to decide: is this a bouncy how-to, can-do song, or ironic cautionary tale? Or neither? It might just be some horsing around.

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It’s time to turn my life around
It’s time to get on solid ground
I’m gonna jump back in the game
My life will never be the same

Change is in the air, my friend

I’m going back to high school
I’m thrice your age and twice as cool
I’m going back to high school
Oh, man, this is gonna rule

Second time will be more fun
Smartest thing I’ve ever done
I’m going back to high school

Some go back to boost their grades
Some go back with friends they’ve made
Some return for volleyball
Look out, world, I want it all

Change is in the air, my friend

Remind me where the office is
My old locker’s somewhere near
I am younger than I look
Yes, I own a car, my dear

Maybe I should join a band

In the gym is where I’ll score
Was this fountain here before?
Being hip is so my thing
You’re looking at your next prom king


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