For once, those tea leaves you’re always reading have given you good advice and you’ve decided to follow it by listening to this, the latest episode of THE SMILE SYNDICATE MUSIC HOUR.

Jason and Miss Elizabeth are an unstoppable entertainment juggernaut as they hurl the very best in Funtime Comedy and Musical Entertainments in the guise of a 21st century variety show straight at your pleasure receptors.

Mr. Cherries, beloved algebra-solving horse, joins Miss Elizabeth on an episode of the annoying morning show Wake Up, Smileton! And Miss Elizabeth tells us all about it in the latest SMILETON STORY.

Smileton small business steps up and sponsors the show in the latest PAID ADVERTISEMENT and Jason’s yoga instructor Angel gives us yoga wisdom for free in YOGA MOMENT WITH ANGEL.

Smile Syndicate songs? You get these, too! Your toe will be tappin’ within the first 3 bars of each song – GUARANTEED.

If delightedment is what you’re looking for, friend, step right on up.

THE SMILE SYNDICATE MUSIC HOUR: the long-winded way to say “FUN!”


Show Timestamps:

2:37 A Quick Story – Hacky Sack

4:43 Smileton Story – Miss Elizabeth and Mr. Cherries on Wake Up, Smileton!

14:57 Song Request

16:17 SONG – The Universe Is Nude

21:29 Paid Advertisement – Lacey’s Ski-Doo and Hot Tub Pick-A-Part

26:42 A Yoga Moment With Angel

34:35 Plugs and Shout Outs

36:14 SONG – Theme From The Smile Syndicate