A funky little number of the Lovestorm album. This song has got it all: intense crime drama, funky bass line and a crazed wah wah guitar solo from beyond times. You’ll be rockin’ and groovin’ and finding yourself wanting to set up a Neighbourhood Watch program in your local village or hamlet.

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Where is my stuff?
It was right here before
I wasn’t gone long
It’s not here anymore

This is too weird
Did anyone see?
I can’t believe
This has happened to me

Gone in a flash
Up into thin air
You’ve just become
The Burgled

This is not cool
I’m feeling sick
Hopin’ it’s just
A friend’s stupid trick

That would be cool
But it’s not true
My stuff is gone
What will I do?

Rumpus room ghost town, c’mon

Where will I sleep?
They took the bed
The hammock, too
Sleep when I’m dead

My den’s cleaned out
Stripped to the bone
I’d call the cops
But they’ve stolen the phone


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