A folky number, sung by a hippie who lets his enthusiasms get the best of him. Whether or not you’d want to attend this guy’s parties, this song will still offer relief to all those tired of “the fuss and the fighting.”

FUN FACT! That stringed instrument you hear during the song is called an “oud”! It’s even older than the banjo!

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The fuss and the fighting have polluted our days
The depths of my mind’s eye have revealed a new way
We’re singing it true and all we need is some love
Let me embrace you wearing black rubber gloves

Everyone listen, we’re better together
We could be flying high like birds of a feather
Keeping it mellow, now, whatever the weather
Wrapped up like a mummy in smooth, studded leather

A smile and a song is all we need to get by
Sharing the land, the only limit’s the sky
The woman before me says with love, we can’t fail
She’s thrashing me soundly with a cat ‘o nine tails

We’ve all come together just to have a good time
There’s love and there’s good vibes and it’s all yours and mine
The party is rolling and we’re having a ball
Three people in masks have hung me up on a wall


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