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This week’s episode features “Let’s Sing Jingle Bells” – a Winter Solstice song for those who live on Planet Earth’s frozen northern climes. It’s about celebrating in spite of the oppressive psychic force wielded by the winter wasteland. There’s not much daylight left so listen now and sing along.

Plus, we hear about Miss Elizabeth’s new toy, Jason’s misadventures at a heavy metal convention, and the latest instalment of the mailbag. That’s quite a lot of entertainment!

Wasteland, Winter’s only getting started
Spring’s a mere five months away
Maybe a sleighing song would help
Let’s get you all fixed up today

C’mon let’s sing Jingle Bells
You know all the words
Let the music warm you up
Frostbite’s for the birds
Sing into this megaphone
We’re louder than the moon
C’mon let’s sing Jingle Bells

It’s gonna be dark soon

Sunset, man, the days are getting shorter
Daytime is an hour long
The lack of light won’t get you down
When the jukebox plays the song

Freezing, but the sun is shining briefly
Dancing while it’s 40 below
At least you can hum the tune
With your tongue stuck to a pole


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