The one podcast you can count on has come through in the clinch once again. Rejoice in the latest episode of THE SMILE SYNDICATE MUSIC HOUR 

Jason and Miss Elizabeth are ready to deliver the Funtime Comedy and Music goods and what timing – they’ve got a podcast to get out the door, after all.

A vintage LANCE BROCK’S ROCK TALK will give us the word from Smileton’s hardest rocking resident. Make the rock wisdom he gives part of your everyday life.

A classic NEW YEAR’S RESOLUTION UPDATE has Miss Elizabeth and Jason keeping each other honest when it comes to their resolutions – have they stuck to them? Have they failed? Do their resolutions even make sense?

Smile Syndicate songs will hover above the fray, ready to enter your earholes gracefully and set you alight with catchy tunes and charming musical maneuvers.

Listen to this show with both ears and see how different life feels afterward.

THE SMILE SYNDICATE MUSIC HOUR. You Won’t Believe A Single One Of Your Senses.


Show Timestamps:

2:44 Lance Brock’s Rock Talk (from March 4, 2021)

20:25 The Smile Syndicate Music Chart

21:24 SONG – The Streakening

24:25 New Year’s Resolution Update (from February 4, 2021)

38:22 Plugs and Shout Outs

41:20 SONG – Rhythm 25