Tighten up that strap beneath your chin because you’re gonna lose your hat once the latest episode of THE SMILE SYNDICATE MUSIC HOUR takes flight!

Jason and Miss Elizabeth bring the latest batch of Funtime Comedy and Music entertainments straight from the oven and don’t worry – the goods are not too hot that you can’t just go ahead and stick them in your ear holes right now.

Miss Elizabeth and her intrepid mystery solving crew are poised to finally solve the Tar Pit Monster mystery. As she prepares her latest update, Miss Elizabeth takes us back to the previous installment from March. Here, we hear again how she and her crew got their hands on badlyneeded rubber. Legal or not, the job must be done.

Jason’s yoga instructor Angel is back for the latest A YOGA MOMENT WITH ANGEL. Give us a few minutes and we’ll turn your life around with over-the-top-intense yoga advice – the only kind that matters.

Smile Syndicate songs are featured as well. Nothing like some Funtime music to make the Funtime comedy capering go down nice and smooth.

Like a wrecking ball of fun, this podcast smashes through your disinterest and lethargy and leaves you feeling invigorated, enriched and enticed.

THE SMILE SYNDICATE MUSIC HOUR. Listening Is Just The Beginning.


Show Timestamps:

3:57 Miss Elizabeth: Investigator of Supernatural Mysteries – Tar Pit Monster, Part Seven (from March 11, 2021)

27:28 The Smile Syndicate Music Chart

29:13 SONG – Get Thee To A Disco

32:43 Plugs and Shout Outs

34:07 A Yoga Moment With Angel

44:23 SONG – …And The Gods Made Disco