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The Smile Syndicate podcast becomes even more fun with more music and more comedy. Experience the wonder of BANANA BUS – the catchiest Smile Syndicate song YET. And groove to the current Smile Syndicate hit RUMPUS ROOM!
Also, hear about Jason’s experience workshopping new comedy content with a test audience, thrill to the latest story about Jason’s life coach Jerry’s harrowing trunk ride, and marvel at Miss Elizabeth’s flippant attitude towards dangerous, dangerous men.

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What’s that noise, that rumbling sound?
Feel the shaking in the ground
No, this isn’t a parade
You don’t have to be afraid

Look at that, what a surprise
I cannot believe my eyes
‘Round the bend and full of fun
Yellow, but that ain’t the sun

B-doop, b-doop, Banana Bus

Lots of room so climb aboard
This is what you’re looking for
World of wonder is inside
Sit right back, enjoy the ride

What a sight, it fills the sky
Smell the smoke as it rolls by
Wobbles, but it never stops
Down the road and at the top


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