The week was like unto a desert and finally you have arrived at the oasis. Welcome to the this, the latest episode of THE SMILE SYNDICATE MUSIC HOUR.

Fear not – Jason and Miss Elizabeth are at the controls as they glide this dirigible of Joy through that obstacle course of the clogged world of podcasting to deliver to you the very best in Funtime Entertainment – Comedy CaperingMusical Outpourings – you name it, it’s in the can.

In a vintage NEW YEAR’S RESOLUTION UPDATE, we’ll hear how our hosts’ resolutions have been going and we’ll cheerboo and hiss at the unpredictable results!

And a classic CULTURE VULTURE will make us seem like cultured know-it-alls and all it took was some canny tricks from the fevered mind of Jason. Listen and feel yourself getting more important!

Smile Syndicate music in the form of two happy-go-lucky songs will spread that good cheer and a little of that good ol’ earworm sauce in the bargain.

A podcast for all ships, all nations.

THE SMILE SYNDICATE MUSIC HOUR. Listening Is Just The Beginning.



Show Timestamps:

4:46 New Year’s Resolution Update (from July 8, 2021)

18:44 Song Request

20:35 SONG – Rumpus Room

24:58 Plugs and Shout Outs

26:35 Culture Vulture: Movies (from July 17, 2020)

44:27 SONG – Lay With Me ‘Neath The Spruce