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This week’s episode is aimed squarely at your funzone. A brand new song cycle, entitled NUDES, gets off to a thrilling start with its first song: GRANNY’S GONE A-SKINNY DIPPIN’.  The benevolent Smile Syndicate Jukebox will also play us (MANIAC) FROM (BEYOND TIME). 

Also, the tension between this podcast and Jorg Presents: The Ultimate Death Metal Podcast ratchets up as Jason reads a rude email from Jorg, leaving Miss Elizabeth in an awkward position. Plus, this episode features the latest installment of the Jerry Chronicles in which Jason’s life coach sees his Money Velocity Advantage plan begin to take hold. This episode goes a long way towards proving you really don’t need any other kind of entertainment in 2019 apart from THE SMILE SYNDICATE MUSIC HOUR. 


The town is fusin’, all a-feudin’
Yellin’, cussin’s all they’re doin’
Angry faces, looking mean
People yelling, “that’s obscene!”

What made the people lose their cool?
What made the people play the fool?
What made the people stew and fret?
What made the people so upset?

Granny’s gone a-skinny dippin’
Drops her drawers and in she’s skippin’
Take a picture, turn and run
She is good with either one

The town is happy, feeling fine
Laughin’, havin’ a good time
Smilin’ faces, such a sight
People shouting, “Granny’s right!”

What made the people stop the fight?
What made the people see the light?
What made the people sing and dance?
What made the people drop their pants?


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