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This week’s episode is action packed. Wholesome physical excitements to leave you feeling revitalized. The NUDES song cycle continues with its second song: an epic journey of self-discovery and nude hitchhiking entitled MAGIC MILE. The Smile Syndicate Jukebox roars to life and we listen to SO FAR, NO GOOD.

Also, Jason has a run-in with the Mayor. It’s a true Cat And Mouse game – but who’s the cat? And who’s the mouse? Plus, Miss Elizabeth gives us a quick update about Death Metal podcast host Jorg, whose feelings Jason hurt. And the latest installment of JASON’S LIFE HACKS, this time dedicated to the ancient, sometimes violent, art of yoga. This episode is crammed with entertainment – probably more than one person can take. Judge for yourself and listen to THE SMILE SYNDICATE MUSIC HOUR.



The road is long under your feet
These baggy clothes just help you hide
Your thumb is out, new friends to meet
Now strip right down and catch a ride

You walk a Magic Mile
Wearing nothing but a smile
The cars won’t pass you by
You feel like you could fly

And now you’re nude and on your way
A hundred miles ’til the next town
You’re sometimes shy, but not today
The blazing sun can’t get you down

Your luck has changed and here’s your ride
Now climb inside this filthy car
The sticky seat is Naugahyde
You naked highway shooting star


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