If your device or computer has just started to gently glow, don’t worry. You’ve just downloaded this, the latest episode of THE SMILE SYNDICATE MUSIC HOUR and it’s heady mix of Funtime Comedy and Music is bound to set anything aglow, be it human or machine!

Jason and Miss Elizabeth have a crazy quilt of fun in store for you in this episode.

For starters, there’s a BRAND NEW segment! Plan your night out in Smileton in style as our intrepid co-hosts point you in the direction of the nighttime hot spots in AROUND TOWN!

But we’re not done there. Whether we’re getting latest word from the mean streets of Smileton in the latest SMILETON POLICE BLOTTER or experiencing Jason and Miss Elizabeth keeping each other honest when it comes to their progress on their resolutions in a new edition of NEW YEAR’S RESOLUTION UPDATE, you can rest assured every cubic centimetre of entertainment promised to you will be delivered with gusto

Plus, Jason has a terrifying story about being pranked. And another plus: SMILE SYNDICATE songs?! That’s a lot of fun for one episode. What did you do to deserve it? Why, you pushed play, my friend. It’s all we ask of you.

THE SMILE SYNDICATE MUSIC HOUR. If You Lived Here, You’d Be Home Already.



Show Timestamps:

2:06 Smileton Police Blotter

8:34 NEW SEGMENT! Around Town

16:50 SONG – Boogie Got A Groove Loose

20:45 Smileton Story – Terror in the Food Court

29:56 New Year’s Resolution Update

39:27 SONG – Mr. Blue Hullabaloo