This week’s episode comes at you from every direction. The NUDES song cycle continues with its third song: an intimate, low-key look at streaking called THE STREAKENING. The Smile Syndicate Jukebox pumps out another favourite and we listen to ZIP IT.

Also, Jason and Miss Elizabeth spar over a Death Metal Update. Death Metal Jorg, host of a rival music podcast, has gone MIA and Miss Elizabeth attempts to fill the gap. But at what cost? And the latest episode of TOO TRUE TRUE CRIME will shake you to your core with its gritty, preposterous tales of crime committed too truly. THE SMILE SYNDICATE MUSIC HOUR goes from strength to strength, building momentum with each passing episode. It’s time to get hooked and spread the good word!

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Streak of light and then it’s gone
Sinking feeling, something’s wrong
What was that thing that you just saw?
Isn’t that against the law?

The Streakening
You’ll see things you can’t unsee
The Streakening
Witness things that should not be
The Streakening
Close your eyes and come to me
The Streakening
All these weirdos running free

People say it makes them glad
But, to me, it’s simply mad
What kind of good can come around
When your pants are on the ground?

Streak, seek
Fastest thing on two feet

What kind of truth can trust reveal
When your own soul you must conceal?
Now say goodbye to those who scoff
Help me get these blue jeans off


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