This week’s episode features the thrilling conclusion to the Nudes song cycle: THE UNIVERSE IS NUDE.   Plus, the Smile Syndicate favourite YOUR BIKINI TELLS ME OTHERWISE spins us all around on the Smile Syndicate Jukebox.

Plus, Jorg from Jorg Presents: The Ultimate Death Metal Hour is fresh out of the hospital and presents Jason with a list of demands. Plus, Miss Elizabeth and Jason get to work on the huge pile of emails sent into the show and provide answers that span the realms of human knowledge. From full spoilers to the next AVENGERS MOVIE and how to install a ceiling fan through to whether eggnog is bad for you and what the greatest sport is. Music, laughs, people getting together. It’s all happening on THE SMILE SYNDICATE MUSIC HOUR.

One of our listeners has discovered a 96 year old death metal singer. Here is a link to that story, so you can read it and judge for yourself: Grandma Sings Death Metal.

Watch Grandma singing Death Metal in the video below. What do you think? Is this really Death Metal?

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Does Neptune tie a bonnet?
Does Venus wrap a sash?
Does Jupiter fasten his vest
And twirl his black moustache?
Imagine Mars in riding pants
That’s such a silly thing
Would anything be stranger than
Old Saturn wearing rings?

The Universe is Nude
The Universe is Nude
Look through a telescope
Change your attitude
The Universe is Nude
The Universe is Nude
I’m not rude
But strip right now
The Universe is Nude

Does our star own a sweater?
Do asteroids sport caps?
What kind of shoes do comets have?
Do meteors need chaps?
Imagine moons in overalls
Quite fanciful, it’s true
What if Planet X wore jeans?
Would you know what to do?

The Universe is Nude
The Universe is Nude
Not a stitch of clothes through the whole cosmos
The Universe is Nude

Do black holes tie an ascot?
Do quasars don a cape?
Do white dwarves hitch suspenders high
Or in a ballgown traipse?
Imagine pulsars wearing boots
Can you foresee the day?
When we would make a fake fur coat
To fit the Milky Way?


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