Double-shot of Funtime music comin’ straight at ya with this week’s episode of THE SMILE SYNDICATE MUSIC HOUR. Dinosaur God storms the heavens with its metallic attack while Dinosaur God 2000 caresses your earbones with gentle caressing.

Also, Jason and Miss Elizabeth deliver Shanidar 3 updates. Miss Elizabeth clarifies the historical record while Jason reports on the town succumbing to a mania not seen since War Of The Worlds. And the saga of Jason’s life coach continues as Jerry finally meets Johnny Denver and a fateful decision is made. It’s more fun than monkeys driving ski-doos – it’s THE SMILE SYNDICATE MUSIC HOUR. BE THERE OR HERE NOW.

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Dinosaur God

Sages screaming at the sky
What’s it all about?
A hundred billion years B.C.
Time is running out

Crashing through the jungle
Smashing down the wall
Sixty tons of darkness
The maker of us all

Go get your clubs
Gather ye stones
Can we save the world?
Shake in your sandals
Soil your loin cloth
Screaming like a girl

Ohhh-ohhh Dinosaur God

Though his coming was foretold
The scoffers gave no ear
Now the fools are babbling
And paralyzed with fear

“Let us try to reason with him.
He’ll listen to our pleas!”
Put aside such foolishness
And get up off your knees

Built him an altar
Offered a virgin
Sung a hymn of praise
Nothing appeases
His shadow’s upon us
It’s the End of Days

Ohhh-ohhh Dinosaur God

Volcanoes spewing fiery goo
Turn us all to stone
Cold blood, pea-brained vengeful god
Laughing on his throne

Squashing all the faithful
Squishing infidels
Peaceful jungle village
Thrown straight into Hell

Lizard of thunder
Alpha Omega
World out of control
Because he eats plans
You think you are safe?
Fool, he’ll have your soul

Ohhh-ohhh Dinosaur God


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