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This week’s episode of THE SMILE SYNDICATE MUSIC HOUR delivers its musical body blows like a champion boxer. While delivering an acoustic folky number with its left hand (LAY WITH ME ‘NEATH THE SPRUCE), the right hand is busy knocking you out with a futurerock classic (OH, BERMUDA!)

In addition, Jason updates us on what happens when new friends from Japan visit our hapless town, Miss Elizabeth recommends a lifehack of dubious legality and Jason risks life and limb to test the latest lifehacking health fad.

It’s comedy so funny you’ll be delirious and music so good you’ll be ecstatic. It’s THE SMILE SYNDICATE MUSIC HOUR. FOR REAL.

Oh, Bermuda!

Cross the ocean on an airplane
Do you believe your eyes?
A blinding flash on the horizon
Is blowing up the sky

Mists obscure your vision
Space is twisted ’round
Hurtle through a portal
What is this place you’ve found?

A mystical land of fevered dreams
Called The Bermuda Triangle
A place where nothing’s as it seems
Called The Bermuda Triangle
Marilyn Monroe, Shakespeare, Newton
And many more besides
Yes, it’s them
Go say hello
To The Bermuda Triangle

Oh, Bermuda!

Freighter streaming through the darkness
By daybreak, they’ll make land
Now the waves are getting angry
Stirred by unknown hand

Captured by the whirlpool
The boat is spinnin’ ’round
Then like a giant bathtub
It makes a gurgling sound

Fear has gripped the locomotive
The brakeman wonders why
The tracks are bent and pointing upward
Straight into the sky

Crossing on a cloud bridge
A mighty tunnel looms
Is this the final station
Where we will meet our doom?


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