THE SMILE SYNDICATE MUSIC HOUR lumbers its way like an angry giant straight into your heart as it delivers another power-packed episode of Funtime Music, Funtime Entertainment, and Funtime Fun.

Jason crosses horns again with Smileton’s mayor, Patty Pepper and lives to tell the tale. Which he does, right in this episode! Miss Elizabeth reads a chilling short story from another podcast and TOO TRUE TRUE CRIME makes its thrilling return with the most EPIC TALE YET.

Oh, and the music, my friend! Such music! THE SMILE SYNDICATE CHART delivers shock after shock as a plucky newcomer makes waves. THE SMILE SYNDICATE JUKEBOX has us all revisiting a Smile Syndicate classic hit from days gone by and in the MARQUEE SONG SLOT, the brand new Smile Syndicate hit GET THEE TO A DISCO!

The Smile Syndicate closes out the first half of the year in style. The party’s just getting started so hop right in!

THE SMILE SYNDICATE MUSIC HOUR – Funtime Today for a Better Tomorrow.

10:40 SONG: Shall We Rock?
14:47 Tiny Morbid Fantasies podcast
20:20 Workshopping with The Mayor
35:10 Round Wheel of Mystery
36:36 SONG: Electric Wiggle
42:34 Too True True Crime – Smokey Hills
1:10:36 Social Media Plugs
1:14:40 SONG: Get Thee To A Disco

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