A new Smile Syndicate show has its debut. THE SMILE SYNDICATE AFTER DARK is the relaxed, informal aftermath, the older, wiser companion to the mighty THE SMILE SYNDICATE MUSIC HOUR show that you hear each Monday.

Expect the unexpected on this looser, more nimble show. Behind the scenes stuff, an impromptu live performance, sneak peaks at in-progress songs – who knows what Miss Elizabeth and Jason will throw at us? 

So going forward, expect two shows a week: the MUSIC HOUR will thrill and chill us on Mondays, as it always has, while the AFTER DARK show will cuddle with us every Thursday.

In this episode, we hear all about the origin of the show, the importance of buffers, the long, percolating history of the latest Smile Syndicate song WARENERD, and Miss Elizabeth picks a song to hear. This week: TOO LEGIT TO QUIT!  (You can find this cover on Spotify and Apple Music, if you want to stream it later, too. Check the links below.)

Let your hair down, have a relax on the shag carpet, and let your vision blur as the soothing sounds of THE SMILE SYNDICATE AFTER DARK charm their way straight into your soul.

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