Jason and Miss Elizabeth provide winter-themed content to get you through December, including winter tips, a special new collection of songs, and a month-long story called Snowballcalypse. This is the ongoing saga of the snowball fight between two neighbouring towns: Smileton (The Podcasting Capital of the World), and Gower’s Gulch (The Rubber Capital of Alberta).

5 New Winter Songs!

The new songs will form an EP, which will come out on all streaming services as soon as they are available. You can find them on iTunes, Spotify, Google Play, etc. when they are released.

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In the meantime, members get access to all current songs – including songs that have not been released on streaming services yet! If you want those downloads, please become a member of our show. You will be supporting our podcast, and helping us continue creating great new stories and music for your entertainment. We don’t ask for much – and we give LOTS.

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"It’s quintessential Canadian humour in the tradition of Second City Television (SCTV)." -- Eric Boyd, Texas

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