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111. Monocle

This atmospheric ditty will make you realize the folly of binocular vision and embrace a single point of seeing. Allow its mysterious charms to encircle you like the tentacles of Cthulhu. Then, when you’re done that, go do something productive. Build a fence or something. You’re not doing anybody any good just sitting there contemplating all the time.


109. Rhythm 23

An instrumental painted with the strangest hues of burnt umber and Hooker’s green. Sing along in a primal language of your own devising and feel the universe resonate with the fundamentalities you utter. Race back in time to 1923 before hurtling back to the future, straight into 10,023 AD.


108. Rumpus Room

Ready to get funky in the Rumpus Room? Are you sure? Because once you enter, this carnal funhouse is gonna spin you ’round in supersound. It’s all windows and no doors in this devil’s play place. Once that beat grabs ahold of you, ya gotta go for the ride or get left to the side. And when you get spit out the other end but still you want to go back, you won’t find it. You were sure it was here, but this is just a boarded up warehouse. Where could it be? You’ll soon learn that you can’t find the Rumpus Room – it finds you. It was in your heart all along…


107. Dinosaur God 2000

Dinosaur God 2000 is terrifying in its understatedness. One man, one guitar, one terrifying tale of an unstoppable, immortal thunder lizard god who will crush us all. If you assume this giant plant eater is gentle, it’ll be the last foolish assumption you’ll ever make. There is naught else we can do but bow down to DINOSAUR GOD… 2000!


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