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Jason and Miss Elizabeth present music and comedy in a variety show format. They tell stories about characters and events in their fictional town of Smileton, “the podcasting capital of the world,” and present regular segments including the Accuscope Horoscope. It’s a fun, uplifting hour of entertainment.


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AFTER DARK: An Indiscretion Or Two


A new Smile Syndicate show has its debut. THE SMILE SYNDICATE AFTER DARK is the relaxed, informal aftermath, the older, wiser companion to the mighty THE SMILE SYNDICATE MUSIC HOUR show that you hear each Monday.

Expect the unexpected on this looser, more nimble show. Behind the scenes stuff, an impromptu live performance, sneak peaks at in-progress songs – who knows what Miss Elizabeth and Jason will throw at us? 

So going forward, expect two shows a week: the MUSIC HOUR will thrill and chill us on Mondays, as it always has, while the AFTER DARK show will cuddle with us every Thursday. read more…

Their Bread And Butter Is Science


Winter’s grip tightens but THE SMILE SYNDICATE MUSIC HOUR is there to fight back with a blaze of Funtime Music and Comedy!

Miss Elizabeth delivers another startling and uncanny update, filling us in on all the bizarre happenings in Smileton in a segment we call MISS ELIZABETH: INVESTIGATOR OF SUPERNATURAL MYSTERIES. And Jason’s subsconscious has spoken and its laser beam-accurate foretellings gathered together in this month’s ACCUSCOPE HOROSCOPE are sure to put you firm-footed on the right path. read more…

Hallowfun Halloween Specbloodular Party 2019


Celebrate All Hallow’s Eve in as grand a style as was ever conceived. THE SMILE SYNDICATE MUSIC HOUR delivers you the most entertaining hour in podcasting EVER!

Before an audience of all their Smileton friends, Jason and Miss Elizabeth deliver lead the Hallowfun Halloween Specbloodular Party 2019 from the hallowed caverns of Smileton’s abandoned cannery. Listen amazed as Miss Elizabeth delivers the latest DEATH METAL UPDATE.  Smileton’s residents have their say as their postings are read aloud on the SMILETON COMMUNITY MESSAGE BOARD.

And bus-riding, Winnipeg-bound Jorg Flurnstadt makes an appearance as his rambling voicemails to the show are featured.

And the music will have you bouncing to the moon on this scariest of nights. The Smileton Chart declares its champion song and the Smile Syndicate Jukebox flings out another hit like a tuneful Frisbee.

And making its world premiere this very episode is the new Smile Syndicate song WARENERD!

Is this the best Halloween party you ever heard of. Uh, yeah.

THE SMILE SYNDICATE MUSIC HOUR – You Won’t Believe A Single One Of Your Senses.

Show Timestamps:

(Click on the times or scrub forward to listen to specific segments)

3:53 The Smile Syndicate Music Chart 

6:31 SONG – Banana Bus

9:23 Show Rundown

11:07 Jorg Voicemails, Part 1

15:12 Death Metal Update

25:33 Jorg Voicemails, Part 2

27:29 The Round Wheel of Mystery

31:21 SONG – Granny’s Gone a-Skinny Dippin

35:06 Jorg Voicemails, Part 3

38:32 Smileton Community Message Board

51:46 Social Media Plugs

53:14 SONG – Warenerd

read more…