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Jason and Miss Elizabeth present music and comedy in a variety show format. They tell stories about characters and events in their fictional town of Smileton, “the podcasting capital of the world,” and present regular segments including the Accuscope Horoscope. It’s a fun, uplifting hour of entertainment.


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And Who Better Than This Sash-Wearin’ Vagabond?


The 2019 Winter Solstice With The Mostest Festival gets off to a rousing start on this week’s episode of the SMILE SYNDICATE MUSIC HOUR.

A brand new segment is introduced, A Yoga Minute with Angel the Yoga Instructor! Plus, hear about the upcoming SNOWBALLCALYPSE – the annual snowball fight between Smileton and arch-rivals Gower’s Gulch.

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AFTER DARK: Lookin’ For Food, Gettin’ Food, Eatin’ Food, Dealing With Food


The evening is upon us. It’s Thursday night and time for THE SMILE SYNDICATE AFTER DARK – the easy-going, laidback after show to Monday’s  mighty SMILE SYNDICATE MUSIC HOUR.

Miss Elizabeth brings us the latest iTunes chart update and welcomes aboard a brand new Patreon supporter! Jason discusses the upcoming Smile Syndicate EP, Winter Funderland, and reveals the track listing, including the names of the three new songs!

And what better way to close the evening out than with the Smile Syndicate’s classic cover of Judas Priest’s BREAKING THE LAW?

THE SMILE SYNDICATE AFTER DARK – come on in, the water’s fine.

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Up To And Including The Buttocks


The relentless juggernaut of comedy and music rolls across your village like an avenging force from millennia past – THE SMILE SYNDICATE MUSIC HOUR is here with a brand new episode!

Miss Elizabeth and Jason are worked up about the Winter Solstice With The Mostest Festival 2019 which starts next week! Jason delivers a hard-hitting JASON’S LIFE HACKS wherein key tips for surviving the upcoming winter are shared. Does surviving until Spring sound like a good idea to you? Thought so.

And the full-to-bursting Smile Syndicate MAILBAG is pried open again, its questions spilling onto the floor in a torrent – the gang’s gonna have to do some fancy footwork to answer all these questions!

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