The Sun Is A Jukebox

from Lovestorm (2013)

The Smile Syndicate collaborated with the team at Guerrilla Motion Pictures to create a noble tale of hope, clean-living, and learning to love yourself again.

Shot primarily at a reclaimed radioactive waste dump, the video is a fusion of the auteurs of Guerrilla’s boundless ambition and The Smile Syndicate’s folksy can-do attitude.

The dancing featured in the song’s choruses is a 21st century pagan paean to the sun and one is hard-pressed to find a more tightly controlled dance team outside a Paula Abdul video. The viewer should not resist the urge to join in the dance.

Egg, Mustard and Hot Dog, those irrepressible scamps who seem to be created out of nothing less than the very finest elements of commedia dell’arte, have returned and, after the nightmare dreamscapes of the video for “The Burgled”, their seemingly carefree capering is most welcome. But it is not only simple smiles at work here. As a small example, see how water, the Source, torments our protagonist in much the same way it did in the band’s previous video. Jungian currents seethe below the surface and the video rewards frequent re-viewings.

from the Harvard Music Video Review, Fall 2014.

The Burgled

from Lovestorm (2013)

Directed by noted Czech music video director Kleszh K, The Burgled” was filmed in sequence during a gruelling shoot lasting 92 straight hours.

A visionary perfectionist, K created a 250-page “konzept manifesto” to detail his plans for the video. It begins: “I want to portray a man driven to the brink of madness by the banality of his surroundings. He is to be tormented by magical food items summoned by a soulless magician. He survives the ordeal with his identity intact but it is at great cost.”

Despite the appalling and dangerous conditions (and the numerous concussions, scaldings and puncture wounds suffered by cast and crew), band manager Hans Gemini looks back on the shoot fondly. “We put the band through the ringer on that one. Indeed, Jason’s the only band member who ended up in the video at all. Ben [Britain] and Jeremy [Foote] refused to participate from the outset, Gert [Orbison] was AWOL, and Gus [Rayne] had a meltdown somewhere around Hour 30.  The whole process was most enjoyable.”

One regrets the sheer number of scenes filmed that had to be cut due to time constraints, including a vicious fistfight between Jason and Hot Dog, a stunning bi-plane wing walking scene featuring Mustard, and an improvised interpretive dance performed by Egg. But what did make it into the video is sure to delight.

from “The Smile Syndicate’s Return To Video”, from the October 15, 2013 edition of Spain’s national music magazine Rock Salada.